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Corporate Improv

The ability to communicate, connect and collaborate with confidence and trust are essential competencies in a dynamic workplace. Yet, how do businesses generate an environment that develops and nurtures these skills?  

Improv, guided play, introduces staff members to an innovative program that strengthens professional relationships, builds community, and ignites creativity.    

If you are looking to build a team, improve morale, establish a positive, safe space for all or to simply add some fun, contact Courtney and experience first-hand the benefits of improv in the workplace. 


"The improv workshop that Courtney led was an incredible experience for our entire team.  Our group as a whole tends to be quiet and somewhat introverted - and this was everyone's first experience with improv.  The time we spent with Courtney was eye opening as we all stepped out of our comfort zones, let our guards down and fully embraced each activity at hand.  The whole experience had us laughing and learning and brought our group of 28 people closer together! I can't recommend Courtney enough!"

     - Katelyn S., Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics

American Express

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